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Well it’s time:

I will keep this site up for a while but there will be no updates anymore. 

Thank you all for being apart of the journey. If it wasn’t for all the healing done on this site this new one wouldn’t be possible. 

Oh There’s A Why

Welcome to what I will be wearing to do announcements in this coming Sunday. Why? Oh there’s a why and it will be located on the new blog. One more day….

Two Days

In two days I will announce the name of the new site. I will keep this one up for a brief period but won’t be making any updates on it. 

Birthing Prophets

I was raised in a world that believed that all miracles and spiritual gifts died away when the Apostles did. It was a world filled with repression. It was the world that did much damage.

Last year I attended a conference where this woman came up and hugged the stuffing out of me. Through tears she said “I had a dream of you in 1975.” I was born in 1980. 

As she told me her dream those around me said I went pale as a ghost. In 1984 her dream came true. It’s a memory that is as clear as if it just happened. From that night on I would have the dreams that for so long I saw as a curse. From that night on I would start having dreams that would come true, see things and hear thing. 

When I would bring it up I’d get beat. My Gramma was the only one I could talk to. 

I’ve talked  before about my middle daughter and how she has the gift of prophecy. As she ages her dreams are becoming more accurate and the messages more and more clear.

My son also has these dreams. The first time we walked into a certain church he said to me “I’ve been here before in my dreams. We aren’t to stay. There’s another another church we will call home.” 

When we walked into our church home he said “This is our home.” I knew it as well. The Lord was very clear. 

The Lord is working within me. I’m growing and strengthening in my gift. I am learning how to fully listen and how to speak. I am thankful that I have Pastor K who also has the gift of prophecy helping me along the journey. Even if it’s just to sit and pray for sometimes hours. 

It is very clear to me what my journey is. Where the Lord has called me. I will listen and I will obey. How am I to help my two young prophets along their journey if I am not listening and obeying? 

Are you listening to your spiritual gifts and growing in them? The Lord doesn’t want us to be dormant. HE wants and expects us to grow in what HE has chose for us. 

Our Brave Pastor and Wife

Now I say brave because today after church they took our pre teen girls for pizza and out to the park. This girls have been doing amazing things within our church and they wanted to do something special with them. 

We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in place as our Pastor and Pastors Wife. 

By the look of the photos they had a great time. 

Yes, my youngest had to give the odd face. 

Love our church family.

Gilmore Girls Revival

To know my best friend and I is to know we are crazy about our Gilmore Girls.

For many years we have had shows that we watch together. Now even though we live thousands of miles apart we would watch these shows together. We would bring out our laptop, fire up AOL IM (totally dating myself I know) and watch shows together. As the years progressed we went from AOL, to Skype to texting and face time. 

Today we binged watch our most favorite show of all. The show we watch all the time together even to this day. Our Gilmore Girls. 

Ever since Netflix announced this revival we have been on cloud nine waiting for it. So excited so thrilled. Honestly words can’t even truly express how we have felt. 

When 2 am rolled around and there it was on Netflix I shouted. I couldn’t hold in the excitement.

Now we were disappointed by many aspects. But there was some good. Those true blue fans like us totally get what I’m saying. I know because they are making the comments on chat boards everywhere about the good the bad and ugly of some of the revival.

Then the last four words happened and lets face it in the words of Lorelia “We all got Gilmored.”

At this moment both my daughter and I started yelling at the tv. What?!? That’s how it ended?!? No !!! About ten minutes into my rant I noticed the husband filming it. He then promptly sent it to my best friend who responded back with “I will cherish this video forever.”

What can I say I get passionate about things. This video shows that passion. We love our Gilmore Girls. 

How did you feel about the revival? 

Another ThanksgivingĀ 

Another Thanksgiving is here. Personally I’m not a big Thanksgiving person. I would prefer the day to pass. 

However here it is. I pray that everyone has a safe and happy Holiday. In this time we need to remember those who are deployed and unable to be with their loved ones.  

I am on my 6th day of a fast. During this time I am praying and focusing on the Lord. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 

A Servants Heart

I am very thankful to be part of a church that not only talks about helping our community but we go out and do it. 

Some time back us on the leadership team started talking about Thanksgiving and those in our community in need. 

Last night our Church went to one of the lower income apartment complexes in our community and we served them dinner. 

We were all very proud of our preteen girls. These girls did all the serving and then even went to everyone during to meal to see if they needed anything.  Last night they truly displayed a servants heart and it was beautiful. 

Naturally it isn’t a Thanksgiving meal unless there is kids playing football.

We may be a small church but we are doing big things in the name of our Lord in this community of ours. 

As I Prepare

Yesterday I started the last phase in my journey of being ordained. The pre-ordained classes that the church requires of us all going through the process. I am very excited the direction that the Lord is taking myself and my family in. Yes, things are a bit difficult right now but I know who is in control. The Lord. In that I find must comfort. 

As I have been preparing for this last phase there’s been other awesome things happening within our leadership team of the church. I am honored to serve along side these brothers and sister Christ as we serve our church and our community. 

I am thankful. 

Also new site is almost done. Yay!!!

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